The Simone


The Simone is a collaboration between husband & wife team Chip Smith & Tina Vaughn.

We here at the Simone have been blessed to be able to have the pleasure of your company these last nine years. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions and full joy in your endeavors, things simply do not work out for all.

There will never be enough words to express the happiness we have shared with so many of you, our guests, and our employees over these years. Even with the unexpected last two years, we have experienced a true sense of community with you, all of us pulling together to allow an undeniable connection to form. And we thank you for that pleasure, an honor…

Our final night of service will be May 14th. We are now fully reserved for the remainder of our time.

Thank you for allowing us to care for you, and in return, you provided such care for us.

Chip and Tina will continue to send in love notes and photos on the News and Conversations area of this website and hope to have news of our future to share with you sometime soon.

–Tina, Chip, and the team at the Simone