We here at the Simone want to wish all of our wonderful and supportive guests good health and safety. We share your concerns and will worry about you during this time.

In light of the shutdown by the State of New York Chip and I are doing all the brainstorming we can in order to do what we have always done in our careers as small business owners.

We are very concerned about the care of our small and loyal staff and equally nervous about getting through this period financially healthy.

If you are in the position to pay it forward here at the Simone for your future evenings with us it would greatly help us make it through to the other side, where we will be waiting with open arms and delicious food and wine and our usual gracious and caring service to you.

Perhaps there are those of you who may have a few friends in for dinner and Chip and I can come and provide that evening for you as well. Or a wine tasting…

Again, we are first and foremost thinking of all of you. We are so grateful for you and your company. We are genuine in our love of our little world.



The Simone is a collaboration between husband & wife team Chip Smith & Tina Vaughn and Robert Margolis.

We serve dinner six nights a week, accepting reservations from 6:00 pm to 9:15 pm, Monday – Thursday with later reservations available on Friday and Saturday. Located in New York City’s Upper East Side, we are just four blocks south of the 86th Street stop on the 4/5/6 train line at 151 East 82nd Street between Lexington & Third Avenue.

Reservations may only be placed by telephone at 212-772-8861. We accept calls for reservations from 10:30 AM-4:30 PM daily, after 4:30 Tina is helping to ready the room to receive guests and will return your call the next day. We will look forward to your evening with us.