The Simone is a collaboration between husband & wife team Chip Smith & Tina Vaughn and Robert Margolis.

We here at the Simone continue to send out our best thoughts to all of you.  Our heartfelt gratitude to all of the support you have shown our modest little “home.”

We are now back to only Simone a Go-Go for the next weeks, with an indoor dining shutdown in New York City, to help protect our community.

Chip and I, along with my fabulous team,  are going to try and add a fourth day to our little red wagon program, probably Wednesdays, so keep your ear to the ground.  A reminder to call the voicemail for details.

As we begin this New Year I think we are all holding our breath. Longing to let it out with a whoosh! Hopeful, I think is the word I want to say.

Chip and I and our staff here at the Simone are so looking forward to seeing you at your normal table, in your regular seat, ordering your usual cocktail or glass of wine. We feel a subtle shift that could propel us upwards and forward, even if it just like an inchworm…little by little. We are filled with the desire to see that “hope” manifest into reality. Think it with us. Take good care of each other and keep your hearts and eyes on the prize.

If you are walking by us on the UES, remember to pop in and say hello…you never know if a delicious bottle of wine may just be open to toast with us on our little patio.  That single table is currently booked for the remainder of the year…complete with heaters and wool blankets!  So look ahead in your calendar to see if an evening to join us there for the coming year may work out.  We like to squint and pretend we are in the French/Italian/Swiss Alps…we are squinting really hard!

With care to all of you,

–Tina, Chip, and the staff at the Simone