Doggie Norman

​Here we are at the end of April, nearly 14 months of life upside down! The Simone is getting our dining room open again to limited seating and slowly having our little birds of delivery leave our culinary nest, hopefully coming back in to visit with us in person.

Mother Nature has been kind to us for the past 2 weeks and Central Park is bursting wide open with blossoming trees, duos of birds filling the branches and chasing each other around in circles…mad flirtation. Chip is still out each week with a camera and it is always a treat to see what he captures on film. NYC certainly has no shortage of photo moments.
The Bard Owl that took up residence by the Boathouse Restaurant remains in her tree, soaking up all of the attention of all of us wanting to catch a glimpse of her fine feathers!!

Chip is full into Spring with the menu, though nothing really local yet, most coming to us from California and Florida of the tender veggies. Fava Beans, fresh English peas, Fiddlehead Ferns, Ramps, Green Garlic (local), teeny tiny potatoes (yes, that is what the farmer wrote on his invoice!!), and gorgeous asparagus from Sacramento. Waiting, waiting on the first offering of Softshell Crabs, first full moon of May. Did everyone catch that Pink Moon? Lit up the sky here.

Starting to taste new wines and it is such a wonderful treat. Roses, of course, whites from Spain, new artisinal Champagnes, light summer reds, able to transport you to far away places just with a taste.

I have had the honor of doing a couple of wine pairing intimate dinners for one of our special guests. First Provence and the second Italy. Chip did food from the regions and I will say I was tickled with the joy and enthusiasm they had during the evening and it was a breath of fresh spirit for the house. We also enjoyed a special evening, rare, out for dinner in the great outdoors on a very rainy evening with our guest/friend Steven. Introduced us to a wonderful favorite spot of his for pasta in the Flatiron area and it was delicious. Almost as delicious as his own pizza dough he had dropped off to Chip and I in the winter…Chip just rolled it out, brushed it with olive oil, sprinkled it with flaky sea salt and cracked black pepper and pecorino, baked it and devoured it just like that!

My sweetheart Josh who does this website for me is off to be married. I am like most people who actually are parents, where did all that time go? He and his lovely bride are poised for a joyous life together, we wish him well from our Simone family. Much love.

Come see us if you are back in town or traveling up to visit. It is your spirit that filling the room that is putting the happy back in the air.

Tina and Chip
and the Fab Simone Team

P.S. The picture for this week is Norman, my good friend, who gets fed lardons on the porch.