Closing Letter

We here at the Simone have been blessed to be able to have the pleasure of your company these last nine years. Sometimes, even with the best of intentions and full joy in your endeavors, things simply do not work out for all.

There will never be enough words to express the happiness we have shared with so many of you, our guests, and our employees over these years. Even with the unexpected last two years, we have experienced a true sense of community with you, all of us pulling together to allow an undeniable connection to form. And we thank you for that pleasure, an honor.

My team is and remains to be, without a doubt, the most dedicated and willing, and caring professionals we could ask for. Without them by our side all these years, the Simone just never would have been truly “the Simone”. All of them have brought to us their own spirit and generosity, infusing our little house with honesty.

We promise to keep you posted on what our next steps will be. Chip and I hope to find a sweet little new jewel box soon. And until then do check the website for our news and photos. Please click here to leave us a message.

Our final night of service will be May 14th. We are now fully reserved for the remainder of our time.

Thank you for allowing us to care for you, and in return, you provided such care for us.

–Tina, Chip, and the ever-talented Simone team

P.S. The stock in Kleenex just went way up…!! Please send in bulk.


  1. Josh Torn

    Tina, Chip, and the incredible team behind The Simone,
    We have so much love and respect for you, and I know that you will find another place to showcase your skills and talents.

    We love you and can’t wait to see what adventures lie ahead for you!

    • tina and chip

      You are the best!

      love to you both

      • Jane Jasper

        So sorry to hear this. I live in DC and have come to your restaurant often with my dear friend, June Mayer. Hoping you find a new location very soon.
        Looking forward to enjoying your cuisne in the near future.
        All the best

        • E Lewis

          The world needs places like The Simone. Courage! We hope to see you again.

      • Debbie LaMay

        Dear Tina and Chip,
        I just heard about all of this early today from my hair stylist (Louann Doran from Mina’s in Chapel Hill). I am so saddened over this, and am hoping you all can find another venue! My most amazing meal in NYC, ever, was when Ted and I celebrated our anniversary at the Simone in April of 2018. We were hoping to get back there SOON! We also had some pretty awesome meals at Bonnie Soirée! We are thinking about you both, and can’t wait to hear about the next chapter! Sending love from Chapel Hill….

      • Michelle Goldstein

        You will be missed. All our dinners were so special. Thanks Tina for always having the warmest welcome and to Chef Chip for the most extraordinary dinners. We can’t wait to hear about your next venture.

    • Christine Kotsonis

      We are so sorry to hear this chapter is over. We look forward to hearing about your future adventures and wish you success and happiness in whatever comes next. Our warmest regards to you and thank you for some wonderful evenings.

    • Harrell Odom & Barry Cook

      Being out of towners we enjoyed only a single dinner at The Simone, Sept. 2019, it was divine!

      • Deborah

        Tina and Chip and all your team — thank you for the finest dining and wines and evenings of delectable sharing. I just stood at our kitchen counter and ate my left overs from last evening’s dinner for lunch— lamb and ladled sauce — which I sandwiched on two house rolls you so generously tucked in. Nearly wept in blissful awareness of The Simone as a transformative gift. Till soon, next location! xoxo Love love love. And deep gratitude.

    • Elizabeth Robertson

      Tina: Hugh and I are very sad that you are closing! We have enjoyed our dinners at the Simone.
      We wish you well,
      Elizabeth and Elihu Robertson

    • Ed Michael Reggie

      Tina and Chip,

      I am heartbroken to hear this news – but so hopeful for what is to come. You two are amazing. Looking forward to the next chapter with you.

      My very best.

    • Brandon Becker

      Say it ain’t so. The definition of fine, gracious comfort dining. In contrast to the glitz, you were always our choice for a great dinner w/ family & friends.

    • Joanna saliani

      Dear Tina, Chef Chip & the spectacular Simone Team!
      As this brilliant chapter comes to a close, seeing your creative canvas at work in the unseen world~ waiting to surprise & welcome us back! Thank you and looking forward to basking in your glow in your perfect, new home! Sending love

      • Deirdre

        Yipes! After surviving the last two years? SO sorry!!!

    • Deborah Miller

      Chip and Tina,
      My heart breaks with you as it did when you left Bonne Soiree in Chapel Hill. I’ve sent visitors to The Simone and kept hoping to find a time to visit the city so I could come dine with you.

      If you’re interested in exploring some options back this way, let me know.
      Love and miss you both!
      Deborah Miller (formerly from A Southern Season)

    • Steve and Martha Fazio

      Please keep in touch with us. We miss you both very much.

      Steve and Martha Fazio

    • Susan Deutsch

      Longing to hear from you as the time inches closer to October when I will be in New York again – already booked in for a nearly two week stretch. 8/4/22

    • Stewart and Robin

      Tina and Chip, we are deeply saddened. Something important is now missing in New York City. Please let us know when you find your jewel box We’ll be there.

    • Peter Schweitzer

      I miss those 5:45pm reservations awaiting my Frank Sinatra medley as my favorite bartender prepares my martini to open the show. Tina and Chip please for goodness sake let your bleacher fans from Yankee Stadium know where and when to borrow a Rodgers and Hart song!,!!!!!! Peter Schweitzer

  2. Charlotte Grant

    Tina and Chip, Wishing you all the best in your next journey. Richard and I have always enjoyed our time at The Simone and will cherish every memory of dining with you. You were a rare gem in NYC. Fondly, The Grants of Philadelphia

    • Dr. Marcus and Dr Ruggiero

      Dear Chip and Tina,
      We are glad that we are reserved for Dinner on Friday May 13th at 7:00 P.M. We hope that you will find a sweet little jewel box soon. We want to thank you and your staff for excellent cuisine and wine.

  3. Sandra Shapiro

    Dear Tina, Chip and all the very able Simonites,
    I was shocked to hear that you are closing but do hope that you find a right place in which to relocate your splendid restaurant. I had been describing my exquisite chicken and lentil dish of 2 weeks ago, as well as Tina’s nuanced selection of wines to accompany our meals, to a friend who then tried to make a reservation and found your closing letter. My dearest restauranteurs, I do hope that good things come your way, and if we are fortunate, come our way as well.
    Sandy Shapiro

  4. Julie de Wolff

    We are so happy we will be able to have a dinner with you and introduce your restaurant to our granddaughter before you close. All best wishes to your future endeavours. Harold and julie de Wolff

  5. Wil and Jeri Cowen

    We had such a wonderful experience tonight! Wil’s birthday celebration was perfect. Our wine recommendation…a rioja…..was extraordinary and so appreciated. We wish you well and look forward to hearing where we can see you next. You and your team are beyond compare. We come from far away, Arizona, but will be back. Just tell us where to find you!
    Jeri and Wil Cowen
    Scottsdale, Arizona

  6. Sheila and Stuart Schwartz

    Dear Tina, Chip and staff,

    Just this afternoon we saw our neighbors, Paul and Norman, who told us about The Simone’s news. We await your next location……… Our dinners with you January 29 and March 19 were divine! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  7. Ann H Shaw

    Dear Tina and Chip. just saw the sad news about your closing in May.
    We will miss you and hope that you will let me know when and where your next Chapter evolves.
    All the best!
    Fondly, Ann Shaw

  8. Rob Huntington

    Tina and Chip,

    My wife Katherine and I have many special memories at the Simone and sincerely hope you will return to our neighborhood soon!

    Rob and Katherine Huntington

  9. Max Silbermann

    Tina & Chip,

    ): This is indeed very sad news. We wish we had known so we could dine with you one last time at this location. If you have room for two (2) before May 14th we would love to come one more time.

    All the best in the future!

    Max & Julie Silbermann

  10. Joan Singer

    What a loss for us all!
    Thanks for all of the delightfully delicious evenings we spent with you.
    When you find your next home, please let us know–we’ll be there.
    Best wishes for a happy landing,
    Joan and Ira

  11. Suzanne Gluck

    PLEASE keep us posted as to what you come up with next. We have loved our meals at The Simone and are so sorry that this chapter will be ending.

  12. Bruce Carlson

    I opened your web page to make a reservation for my husband’s birthday at the end of May and was so disappointed to see your farewell message. We haven’t had the privilege of dining with you, but we were so looking forward to it. All the best to you for your future endeavors.

  13. Wes & Snow

    Tina, Chip, Jose, and the entire staff… This has been our go-to spot for special occasions, or just to feel at home when we wanted a nice dinner.. You will be missed, but we are excited about whatever the future holds for the Simone family! -Wes & Snow

  14. Fran Ciborowski

    Dear Tina, Chip and the entire staff, my heart is breaking to have read you will be closing May 14th.
    For almost all of those nine years I felt as if you were my family, enjoying your company and experiencing the splendor of the magnificent meals in an elegant dining area. I know you will find another home and hope you will let me know where it is. Love always, Fran Ciborowski

  15. Marcia Levine

    Tina &Chip &Staff. Jon and I look forward to being with you in the very near future. It was always a pleasure to show my grandson what “fine dining” is truly about. Yours was the best. Hope to do so again soon.

  16. June

    Please let me know your plans or if there is anything we ,David included. can do. Please keep in touch. I would love to see you both. We could all have dinner. “Somewhere”
    I love you

  17. Judy Feldstein

    Tina and Chip.
    We feel very sad reading this letter. We have loved every evening spent with you over all these years – the wonderful food and wine, your always excellent staff, and our gracious host and hostess,
    We will miss you and look forward to your return.

    Judy and Richard Feldstein

  18. Liz M.

    Oh no! I went to your website because friends and I were planning to make reservations for next month. We’re heartbroken that you’re closing. I hope you’ll be re-opening in the neighborhood sometime soon. Your townhouse location is so lovely and elegant – I hope you can find a similar space.

    All best wishes to you on your future plans. We look forward to news of your return soon!

  19. Charlie & Regina Biederman

    Tina, From the very first weeks you opened nine years ago, we knew you’d be an absolute winner and you were!!
    Every time we visited NYC, we tried to visit The Simone. Always proved to be magical.
    We look forward to your next gem.
    All our best wishes and good luck in your quest.
    Regina & Charlie Biederman

  20. Wendy H.

    Tina, we enjoyed our first family “memory night” at the Simone in January and the five of us are still talking about what a wonderful time we had with you. We hope to hear that Chip and you will be re-opening in a new place very soon. We have told many of our friends about our evening at The Simone and suggested they dine with you. You made us feel as though we were visiting old friends in addition to the marvelous food.
    All the best, Wendy and family

  21. john dowd

    this winter upon discovering your restaurant i realized you had manifested my idea of the perfect restaurant ……incredible attention to the food and wine …..quiet so conversations need not be elevated over a loud scene ..unhurried …..the personable atmosphere that made the evening feel like everything was created and presented with care and love … created something seemingly impossible …i wish you all the luck in your search for a new “home”

  22. Erik & Christine Mazzone

    So sorry to hear this, Chip & Tina. We’re still missing you from your Chapel Hill days. We’re confident the next thing will be filled with the genius and inspiration you bring to everything. While you are searching for the next spot, may we suggest Durham? (Well, we can dream…)

  23. Eugene Zora

    Although I was only at the Simone twice, I cherish those visits as the restaurant experiences I’ve ever had. As I write this, I’m thinking about the savory tart and the perfectly seared scallops. I still remember Tina coming out to say goodbye to me as I left after my most recent visit. My mother was so inspired by my stories about the Simone, that one night she made a salad with langostinos, mozzarella wrapped in prosciutto, and artichokes, and named it “the Simone Salad”. Here’s hoping you can get another great place soon. Much love from Austin, Texas.

  24. Rev. R.O. Simpson

    To Tina, Chip and staff.
    Me and my several guests over the years have been blessed by knowing you and being served by you. Whatever your tomorrow’s have in-store, good luck. Please keep me informed of any new ventures.

  25. Louisa M. Mendels

    Only just learned about you this moment. I was too late. Devastated. Will look forward to your next incarnation.

  26. Eleanor & Garett Albert

    Dear Tina and Chip,

    We are so sorry you’re closing. The last time we were there, you mentioned it to us – but we had no idea it would be so soon. We thought it would be more towards the end of the year.

    It has been such a pleasure to come to your restaurant over the years and enjoy superb wines and food in a quiet atmosphere with fellow diners dressed for an occasion. The combination of Chip’s delicious cooking, Tina’s warmth and charm and her deep knowledge of wines, was a winning combination, and Jose and the rest of your wonderful staff always added to the evening.

    We wish you all the best and really hope you’ll be back somewhere in the City soon.

  27. Danny O


    Hearing the devastating news. I’m so sorry, it honestly breaks my heart. The world is a very unfair place. I just wanted to reach out and let you know I am thinking of you both. On the bright side if two people will persevere, it’s you.

    If by chance their is anything I can do please let me know. I wish you guys nothing but the best and look forward to the great things I know you’ll continue to do.

    All the very best,

  28. June & Ron hersh

    To our friends Tina and Chip
    Thank you for always making us feel like family, spoiling us with the most gracious service, perfect wine choices, inspiring food and decadent desserts. For not just hosting us, but welcoming us with warmth and smiles. We will hold these memories close until we can discover them again.
    See you on the 14th and then again and again. Just tell us where and when and we’ll be there.

  29. Bob Eaton

    Hi Tina, We are very sorry to hear this. We mostly live in LA but were there most recently in March for our grand-daughter’s birthday and you and your staff were most gracious. We are coming back to NYC in late May for a month and I was going to call this week to try and get a reservation but we are not there until May 21. We have enjoyed a number of wonderful evenings and are sad that they will end. Please let us know what comes next and all best wishes to you, Chip and especially your wonderful staff.

  30. Robert Rosenberg

    Superb food and impeccable service—you will be missed!

  31. Deborah Pennington

    One of the most memorable evenings ever was at The Simone, an amazing anniversary celebration before the world shut down. Thank you for being part of our joy!

  32. Juliette Pope

    Though I only made into your dining room a few, far too few, times over the years, I loved and appreciated everything about the rare bird that is The Simone. The end of your unique personal flair–the service, hospitality, wine selection and cooking–is a huge loss for the dining world of NY. Good luck to you and your team, in all things related and unrelated down the road…

  33. Connie Outten

    Tina and Chip,
    We wish you the very best and look forward to your next adventure. Please let us know where that might be. We’ll see you there.
    With love,
    The Outten Clan

  34. Connie

    Tina and Chip,
    You will be greatly missed. We have enjoyed the most wonderful evenings thanks to you and your gracious staff.

  35. Peter Siegel

    Tina and Chip
    I want to thank you for your kindness in hosting our gathering for Norma. You both went above and beyond in so many ways. My folks loved you both and talked about your talents and friendship in and out of the restaurant. While I was at your restaurant only a few times in Southern Shores and the one time in N.Y I understand why so many people adore you and what you do. Over the years I have sent many of my friends to the Simone as a, “not to be missed experience” in the city and I’m sure I will continue to do the same where ever you end up.
    Oh, I continue to enjoy your painting expertise, it’s the gift that keeps giving.
    Be Well

    • Lisa Reynolds and Dave Simmons

      We will continue to follow you anywhere!

  36. Sharon Boothe

    Tina and Chip — Noel, Palmer and I are thinking about you this weekend and wishing you a Bon Voyage! Cannot wait to hear where you two and your amazing team land — keep us posted! We will be back when you are back. Take care and much love from the Boothes.

  37. Lisa Cushman Curran

    Tina – please accept my many thanks – not only for the pleasure of dining with you and your team – but also for keeping my 91 years young aunt’s spirits afloat with the fabulous meals you delivered to her during the past two years. It was truly an example of going above and beyond. Onward and upward.

  38. Adrienne Harris

    This amazing place, Tina and Chip,
    We await the news of where you will be next.
    We have loved every moment at your restuarant.

  39. Thomas A & Carol Martin

    Dear TINA,

    we cant wait to hear of your next venture in fine dining. check out our town for possible new place…
    sad to lose that amazing Simone, but sure you will create somenew gourmet , and gracious, home for your creativity and inimitable savoir faire. love to CHIP and your entire staff.

  40. Michael and Margaret

    We are sad that you are closing and are looking forward to visiting you in your new location.

  41. Lisa Reynolds and Dave Simmons

    We will follow you anywhere!

  42. Linda & Greg

    Tina, Chip and Team,

    Thank you for everything.

    With an excellent hands-on chef in the kitchen, a genius sommelier, and a front of the house that worked hard to make your customers happy you have been a fitting successor to Lutèce.

    Tina, Chip and Team, you are wonderful.

  43. Ryan Looper, de Maison Selections, NYC

    A Farewell to The Simone
    When I first walked down the steps into The Simone to meet the chef Chip and his wife Tina, he was baking the bread for the evening service and she welcomed me so warmly and with such charm, I felt immediately at home.

    After a meal there, I was floored – I couldn’t believe a restaurant like The Simone could exist in NYC. It reminded me of restaurants I had encountered in Europe that I thought wouldn’t fly in the city or were long gone and not coming back.
    A year later, near the stage of having to close, The Simone received ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ from @pete_wells @nytimes – without a PR team, @instagram, being on @resy or @opentable, or even hitting a heat map. It was a revelation – the little restaurant that could…and did.

    After the review, I was lucky to have many a great meal at The Simone and share the table with amazing people every time. I still can’t believe the wines that were shared. Every experience was grand, personal, and impossible to repeat. There was something magical that defies description – and it’s brutal to say goodbye to that, even though I know that these things do come to an end.

    I will miss recommending The Simone and calling it “the least known 3-star NY Times restaurant in the city.” I will long for that dining room where Tina and team watched thoughtfully, and you could have a thoughtful conversation across the table without the typical high-decibel din.
    I will miss listening to that long but beautifully entertaining voice message from Tina, my favorite recent line being that she “might faint if a gentleman wore a jacket.” Or when she would get me a table on the fly and put it under Frank (Sinatra).

    I will always remember The Simone a-go-go and how important it was during Covid and how generous Chip and Tina were when we launched @demaisoneast in the middle of the worst part of the pandemic.

    Thank you Chip and Tina and the whole team at The Simone. We will miss you.
    #nyc #restaurants #eeeeeats #farewell

  44. Christa Hart

    We only were there once! So sad. Please add us to your mailing list.

  45. Lynda Maer

    Tina & Chip:

    We look forward to seeing you in your new restaurant in the very near future
    Please keep us on your list
    Stay safe & well
    Best always,
    Lynda Maer & Marjorie Schulman

  46. Benjamin Grossman

    Just met you at restaurant. Should have gotten your or Tina contact info. Please email us so we can discuss wines.
    Appreciate your time. Good luck.

  47. Chris Robinson

    Tina, Chip and the whole Simone team, I am so grateful for all the amazing memories, delicious meals & more so the true kindness & hospitality you have given me and my friends over the years.
    I can’t wait to see what your next endeavor brings to us.
    Much love to you all!!!


  48. Michael

    Tina, Chip, Jose, and everyone else who made the Simone a reality,

    You all ran the best restaurant in the city. I’ve not been anywhere else that got the dining experience so correct. As Tina aptly put it, you all were really operating in the arts. And, of course, Tina is the best sommelier ever.

    I can’t wait to see what you all do next. (After some well-earned time off, of course.)

    Michael Klurfeld

  49. Xavi Buil Giné

    Hi Tina, I was looking at your website because I wanted to make a reservation for this summer, I am visiting the city with my family and I wanted to bring them to your place. But so sad to know you closed this great restaurant. I only had the chance to be there once and it was a fantastic dinner, one of the best, of course because of the outstanding food you serve, but even more because of the soul of your place, because of all of you.
    Well, as i told you when I was there, you still are more then welcome in Priorat at Buil & Giné, here we have space to sleep and to inspire yourself. I hope we could meet again and share great wines.
    Please let us know about new adventures…
    My best wishes for all of you! Best regards from Priorat!

  50. pfc

    We wish you well and look forward to your next endeavor. We give thanks to you and your wonderful staff for your generous and delicious hospitality.

  51. Barry Levis and John Williams

    Dear Tina, I left a voice message recently of our intention to celebrate my husband’s birthday (November 18) at the new Simone. It would not be the same otherwise. So get cracking; no more sleeping in. We expect results!! A visit to NYC without dinner at The Simone would pale in comparison. Or alternatively consider the possibility of relocating to Philadelphia, often referred to as the sixth borough. And we could eat there more often. Now that would be a real treat.

  52. Woody and Soon-Yi

    We are very sorry to see that you have closed. We would love to be informed once you find a new location and will watch the website for good news.

  53. Mary K and Gary Stern

    We are back in NY but can no longer go to our favorite restaurant. It’s not fair; we enjoyed so many evenings with you, and cannot adequately express our appreciation. Memories are great but please let us know of your next “situation.” And if you have an email address for Jose, please share it with us. Again, thanks for everything.

  54. Kathy Gotschlich

    I walked by the restaurant on Memorial Day, planning to make a reservation. I was heartbroken to read your letter to us all! Emil and I have had so many wonderful meals with you over the years. You were absolutely the best restaurant in New York. Please let us know if and when you begin a new venture. Best wishes to you and all the staff!

  55. Joann Habermann

    I am so very sorry that you closed. I only dined at your restaurant twice (too difficult to get into ) but both times the dinner was memorable. Is there a way to alert me of a possible reopening?

  56. Esther

    We are heartbroken! Our family of 4 was just there for my husband’s 50th on March 4, and it was such a treat! Especially for our two boys, ages 6 and 9. We look forward to hearing about your next plans – and hope we will meet again!

  57. Camille Catlett and Jay Hargrove

    Chip and Tina: Hello from Chapel Hill. I was writing an email to recommend Simone to a colleague heading to NYC and suddenly thought to check on your status. Jay and I will await your update on a new location and concept. A vision of returning to New York to see you and eat at Simone has sustained us through the past two years. The world will be less rich and vibrant without the two of you creating daily opportunities to eat, drink, and be merry.

  58. Gene Glaser

    Dear Chip and Tina,
    Heard last night from George S that you are closed. Devastating news as New York has lost on of its gems. the exceptional food and service will be missed. Had a feeling the last time Rosalind and I were there you complained that you had so many cancellations because of Covid. It was just us and one other table. So sad. Let. night at one of our Monday night wine dinners, someone suggested we return to the Simone. we all agreed what a great idea until we were informed that you were closed. Hoping that you will emerge from this perilous times in a new and better location. We look forward to that.

  59. Perdita & Edward

    We’re so sad to see that you’ve closed your NYC restaurant as we are going to be in NY in September and were looking to book what I know would be a lovely and outstanding dinner 🙁 We so fondly remember our times at Bonne Soiree in Chapel Hill and were looking forward to seeing you again. Please do write if your journey in life leads to another place in NYC before mid-September. Wishing you all the best!

  60. Lauren Braun Costello

    Tina and Chip,

    Oh, how terribly forlorn we were to learn that you closed your doors in May, and that we found out too late to enjoy one last meal chez vous. There was nothing like your restaurant in New York. Your food, style AND level of service, and warm and elegant space were from a bygone era in New York. The refinement, the pride, the excellence. We will miss it all. This new year we will be missing your family meal at The Simone. Thank you so very much for giving us so many memorable meals over the years. PLEASE let us know where you land next.

  61. Carl and Alison Turner

    Dear Chip and Tina, directions pandemic prevented us from visiting you this year and I was just sending you a message to book several dinners I need to discover that I had missed your closing announcement. Alison and I will always remember fondly our evenings at The Simone. The food, the wine, the service, was always impeccable. Will I ever eat rabbit like that again in New York? we had some amazing celebratory meals over the last two years and when we eventually return to the UK, those evenings will count among some of our happiest memories. God bless both of you and your wonderful staff who were always attentive to every one of our needs. We will miss you so much.

  62. Linda Lauby

    Tina and Chip — I’ve been thinking of you and your restaurants, and fantasizing about some of the meals I’ve had at Carolina Blue, and decided to track you down. I’m saddened to learn that the Simone is closed, and I wish you both the very best. It is inevitable that our paths will cross again; my hope is that it’s over a memorable meal with equally memorable wine. Please keep me in the loop regarding your future endeavors.

  63. Heidi and John Niblack

    Just learning this news now as I was looking up the number to call and make our fall reservation dates. So bummed. Hoping you find another gem of a spot because we love you guys and the gracious and delicious dining experience we have enjoyed for years. Much love to you both and to the staff we are equally crazy about.

  64. Fr. Mark D Knestout - Holy See Mission to the United Nations

    Dear Tina and Chip –

    A well deserved break for you both. I am sad that my friends and I cannot enjoy the delicious offerings of wine and food that The Simone offered in the future but understand completely and wish you both much rest and relaxation. Please keep us posted on where you finally land and if/when you start something else up. You were the best restaurant in my opinion in New York City. All the best. Fr. Mark

  65. Housley Carr & Michael May

    Tina and Chip,
    We were only able to come to The Simone once or twice a year, but it always was (and will remain) our absolute favorite — literally perfect! The atmosphere, food and wine were wonderful and you made even infrequent guests feel so welcomed. Please let us know when and where the next chapter starts. We’d follow you anywhere!

  66. john McLaughlin

    Hi Tina and Chip… Hope you are both well and enjoying your respite. John and I so miss joining you at the The Simone. Hopefully, your summer has been relaxing and energizing at the same time. We look forward to hearing from you with great news about a new beginning. Take care, be safe , stay well. Lois and John McLaughlin, xo

  67. Veronica & Bruce

    Dear Tina & Chip,

    The Simone was the most gracious and delicious corner of New York! We are grateful to have shared meals with close friends and family celebrations at The Simone. Tina’s smile assured a treasured evening from the start. The warmth of a “Simone welcome” was matched only by Chip’s superb cuisine, and Tina’s command of the wine list. Thank you also for “The Simone A Go-Go” during the pandemic…balm and hope wrapped in a delicious dinner.

    We eagerly await your next project. Send the address, and we are there!

  68. Marcos & Zoila Mendell

    Hi Tina and Chip. The Simone was not just a restaurant, because you and your staff made us feel like family. When our daughter found out about your closing she called to tell us, because a text or any other way wasn’t good enough. We reminisced about all our visits, and even more so her last birthday dinner with our extended family. We wish you all the best in finding a new location, and look forward visiting and creating new memories.

  69. Marie & Bill Donahue

    Tina and Chip – We know that no matter where we travel, Bonne Soiree and The Simone will always be our favorite dining experiences. The food of course is sublime, but the loving care you give your guests is incomparable. One evening at Bonne Soiree, I couldn’t decide between 2 desserts. As we were leaving Tina handed me a beautiful little package, wrapped in parchment paper and secured with a pearl-tipped pin. She told me that it was the pear tart I had contemplated and that it would be lovely warmed up with my morning coffee. Please do enjoy your sabbatical and we will meet again in your next chapter!

  70. Bucky & Christine Cox

    T & C—We just heard through the Chapel Hill grapevine! Oh no. We are so distraught. We missed you so much because of the Covid restrictions and were planning to see you when we were going to attend the Westminster Dog Show.

    We have loved you two since the 1st dinner we had at Bonne Soiree 15 yrs ago?, then the unmentionable venue in the country, and then, The Simone! We were your biggest fans.
    Where will we send the Duke’s mayo?

    So many friends and family members fell in love with your inimitable partnership of creativity, seamless service and memorable wines (tk u, Tina). Pls let us know where you land! We’re there. Much love to you both. Thanks for all the delicious memories.
    PS Tina do you remember when Bucky found a pearl in his oyster? We still have it!

  71. Stan Ince

    Hi Tina and Chip. This is the first year I have remembered to book well ahead for our wedding anniversary in October. It would be wonderful if we could celebrate with you again this year so I’ll be on the lookout for announcements. Thank you for so many years of amazing care and attention. Love to you and the team. Stan and Emma.

  72. Janet

    Tina and Chip–I called to make a reservation–you were on my speed dial and I was saddened not to hear Tina’s lovely message!

    Hoping to hear about your next location VERY SOON.

    Wishing you all the best! xxxxxxooo

  73. Michael Wise

    Very sorry to belatedly come upon this news. Wishing you success in finding another location and look forward to visiting there soon.

  74. Mary P and Bill H

    We first encountered your talent and hospitality at Carolina Blue in Southern Shores, NC. Maybe it was 2002? We ate there three times that week. We keep a scrapbook of memorable dining memorabilia, and Tina’s handwritten menus and checks are still among them. Once Carolina Blue closed, we searched the internet for where Chip and Tina would end up. We were so fortunate to be able to visit the Simone in NY one year. We brought the menus, which were shared among the team when we were there. It seems other comments here echo our feelings about how special a meal with you is. We are sad to know the Simone has has closed, but we’re still hopeful our paths could cross again, with a fabulous wine pairing, of course.

  75. susan deutsch

    Tina and Chip, hello again
    Longing for an update that is encouraging for me for my October stay.

  76. Debbie Aronson

    Hi Tina,
    Because so many of our friends have had serious medical ramifications from Covid, Don and I have studiously avoided indoor dining.
    However, we have a late afternoon appointment scheduled in October on the Upper East Side and decided to leave our comfort zone for another memorable dinner at the Simone.
    When I called and got the message that your number had been disconnected, I was devastated and ran to the website.
    So pleased to read that you and Chip are alive and well.
    Looking forward to hearing what the best restaurant team in the City decides to do next.
    With appreciation and affection,
    Debbie Aronson

  77. Alan Kornberg

    Hi there. Harold and I send our very best wishes and hope you are well.

    We need to give a special dinner for 12 or 13 people honoring a special friend (who you know from The Simone) and the publication of her wonderful new book. We don’t have a date yet, but it will be this Fall. Nothing would make us happier than to have you make this event worthy of our friend and the occasion. Do you think this might be possible? Do let us know.

    All best wishes, Alan.

  78. Laura Winters

    Tina and Chip, we miss you so much. Thank you for taking such amazing care of our family during the pandemic with the joys of your A Go Go. Truly one of the only joys of that time. Please let me know what your next plans are and please stay in touch. We hope very much to see you both soon ensconced in a new location. Lots of luck, and lots of love to both of you. Laura and Francois