December 31st…2020 au revoir, adios, goodbye!


The month of December was not the usual month for so many. We were thankful to still have our constant and caring guests doing all of our Simone a Go-Go efforts, but the evenings of celebrations, small and large, left us melancholy.

We were lucky to have the De Maison team, Andre Tamers, Ryan Looper, Amanda and our dear and wonderful friend/colleague John Mcllwain from Chambers Street Wines host with us a final fete inside with invited guests before the second indoor dining shutdown. And a fete it was.
All of us felt like a “restaurant” again…my staff were thrilled to be running plated food, replacing wine glasses, pouring the beautiful selections of wines that were featured (I will list them below!) and just the general joie de vivre alive and kicking in the dining room. Filled us all with spirit and an eye to a hopeful next year, for all of us, businesses and guests alike. I will say as well that Chip and I are touched by the guests enjoying the patio table, even in the not so ideal weather! Though I have heaters and wool blankets it is really your spirit that keeps it warm.

We offered for the Christmas Eve dinner another glorious treasure trove of food to allow our guests to enjoy for a few days and to give our team the holiday weekend to share with their families nearby, sleep, watch Wynton and his Big Band Holiday show stream, eat, drink good wine and did I already say sleep?? Chip and I enjoyed our time off as well, getting the old Mercedes out on the road to drive up to little Italy in the Bronx. By far the best fresh mozzarella in the city at Casa della Mozzarella, with sundried tomatoes in olive oil and a bottle of Gual from Vinatigo Vineyards in the Canary Islands…a moment to savor and almost makes you forget your worries!

Chip even provided breakfast for the guests in the HoHoHo a Go-Go, his granola, vanilla brioche au raisin and I provided our coffee blend. We hope that it gave the essence of the holidays to all of you, especially those that could not be with friends and family.

So, one year leaves and the new one beckons. With good health for everyone and simple joys and pleasures, this is the wish we hold for all. If this year has shown us anything it is that to slow down is not so bad, to find happiness with less is okay and to continue to reach out to your circle with care and friendship is a simple and fulfilling source of “nourishment!”

We were lucky to have a blanket of snow the week before Christmas, covering the city with sparkling quiet that only a snowfall provides. Clean, cold, a stillness that seems almost like magic is lurking just around the corner. Don’t forget your blackeye peas, collards and cornbread…we need all the luck we can get.

Until next month, we miss you, we are thinking about you and we look forward to good food to share with you, good wine in a glass raised with you and laughter shared with you this coming year.

Tina and Chip, plus the fabulous staff, at the Simone

De Maison evening of deliciousness!
Waris-Lamandier “La Carelle”, “Les Regards de Avize”, “Les Terres de Buissons”…all Grand Cru Blanc des Blancs, all 2013
Do Ferreiro Albarino 2018/Remelluri Rioja Reserva 2013 and Gran Reserva “Granja” 2012/ Chateau Canadel Bandol Rouge 2016
Domaine de Cumelle Cote-Rotie 2018/Molino Real “MR” Malaga 2014…seriously! we are not worthy…