The Simone
On the eve of a major snowstorm heading to New York City we are all still standing, still looking to the next year for progress and also looking back at what was such a challenge for the world at large. And continues to be a great challenge.

But I always feel so fortunate to have been able to continue to care for our lovely guests, albeit in a manner we never thought we could or would do. And thankful to keep our employees working, pulling together as the small house that we are, the tiny team! Everyone continues to put their best feet forward, accomplishing our method of hospitality to those that have mustered the courage to dine on the “patio…”, in 25 degree temperatures, no less! and enjoy themselves. It goes to show that my heaters and wool blankets are the least of the warmth provided. It is the joy of sharing time with your friends and the person you love, enjoying our food plated, wine in glasses that really provides all of the warmth needed.

This month had Chip nodding his pans at our week in Jura last year, our first ever “work” trip. Chicken with Dijon, spaetzle, hen of the woods mushrooms, carrots. Rainbow Trout, stuffed and roasted, rostii potato, swiss chard. Leg of Lamb, grilled, tartiflette, broccoli di ciccio. Boeuf Brandade, beef cheeks in a sauce using a hearty French Ale. A wonderful soup using all winter vegetables and a vegetarian stock that almost glistened in its hue of green. French Lemon Gateau, glazed, served up with a huckleberry conserve, jarred last September with the last of the huckleberries. P.S. that is amazing with a late harvest Gewurztraminer. French Apple Tart. Thank you, with Calvados Cream. His homage to North Carolina making an appearance again, “Trotter”, basically the French meets the American South in a barbeque, using the ears crisped, barbeque spices, served with sauce gribiche…white and red compliments, I like the half and half approach. Pinot Gris from Alsace for the white and a 2017 Cru Beaujolais for my red.

On New Year’s Eve we discovered that yes, Lobster butter-poached can survive a takeout container. And every guest received a little Southern luck and NYC luck as a treat in the delivery…black-eyed peas with collards and cornbread…Lotto tickets!! We did not have a winner so we hope the Peas offer a longer run for this year’s luck.

And a Snowy Owl appeared in Sheep’s Meadow, Central Park. There has also been a very large Hawk hanging out in the trees behind the restaurant. Chip named him Luther. Nature alive and well in our fair city, giving all of us moments of beauty that only Mother Nature can provide.

We are getting the dining room ready again to have our 25% capacity indoor seating, beginning the week of the 14th, February and all of us so look forward to having the joy and pleasure of your company, at your favorite table, with your special cocktail, a pairing of wine, enjoying Chip’s menu for the evening. We wish all of you continued good health, positive energy, good food and drink, and a steady climb upwards and onwards as we continue to meet all that falls in our path with strength and patience, and love. A reminder to wave on your passing by of the restaurant if you are in the neighborhood. Or better still, stop in for a toast of something inspiring and delicious. It is a treat I never mind providing…as much for me as for you.

–Tina and Chip and our ever fabulous staff at the Simone

Outdoor Dining at The Simone
Kitchen at The Simone - New York