June 29th, 2020

Here we are in NYC looking forward to Phase 3, reopening the doors of our little house to receive guests!  Excited and so happy to see those we have missed.  For now, we are still doing the Simone a Go-Go for a couple of weeks and we are starting to see the bounty of delicious food that makes all of us long for summer.
For me and Chip we can say that besides the people who we call friends, one of the things that we obsess about is the most perfect Shrimp from the coast of North Carolina.  Sweet, tender, addictive.  We received our first batch this past Friday and as Chip said “look at those cute little pink feets…”  Are they called feet?  There is a class in Marine Biology that I did not take!
But the taste and sensation of joy it brings to us cannot be denied!  First Chip featured them with Flounder, but then, the best!…  with hand-rolled gnocchi and spring onion…be still my heart!  We are getting corn from the South as well and this year is a tremendous year for the firm, sweet, milky corn we are love.  Vinegar Basted Chicken, corn, and poblanos and then also a veloute of Corn, a soup, always makes me think of Stephen Outten, who worked for us on the Outer Banks and to this day says he will drive many a mile to get that soup from Chip.  Soft Shells had a quick appearance for us up here, much to the delight of our guests, done as we do, sauteed, brown butter, crouton, caper, almond, garlic.  We never get tired of that concoction.  He also is just doing so much with his baking, almost too much to keep up with, makes us all dizzy with the idea of getting the leftover scraps.  Strawberry Vanilla Cream Tarts, Strawberry White Chocolate Creme Mousseline Genoise, Gateau Russe, both Hazelnut and Pistachio and the lovely and decadent Gateau Alhambra…Almond and Chocolate Biscuit soaked in rum, layered with chocolate ganache, finished with candied hazelnuts.  Seriously.  
I have not had the pleasure of tasting new wines with my sales people, but hopefully soon.  Though we are having no trouble working our way through current inventory.  The 2016 Fermes des Lices Rose from St. Tropez still just blows me away, savory, crisp, refreshing, intoxicating.
Have I pointed out that all of the pictures we feature on this part of our website are taken by Chip?  A new obsession to add to his repertoire…surfing, biking, now pictures!
And they are fun to have and to share with all of you.
Au revoir for today, take good care of each other.  We miss you all…hopefully you miss me just a little, I mean who else makes you put your cellphone away at the dinner table?!?
–Tina and Chip
Gateau Alhambra