March, 2022

Red Snapper

The Ides of March are certainly showing themselves this year. One day 70 degrees and one day snowing and low of 23!! Mother Nature is the absolute defining thing.

We have lovely neighbors below us here at the apartment who are from the Ukraine, family residing in Ukraine.
They are in the health industry, providing care to all of us through this tragic time of Covid. And one is a cellist, quite accomplished, playing multiple shows day in and day out. In between they are doing everything in their power to support the bravery of the people of Ukraine. They give me hope of all things. They bring joy to an uncertain time. They remind me to find inner strength. We are so proud of them. We are so proud of the leadership of Ukraine.

We are delighted to be seeing so many of you coming to visit us at our little house. No masks, vaccine cards for those we do not know in person, but for our regulars, put them in your wallet for safe keeping. Chip is doing that thing he does. Cooking, charming the guests, being that wonderful man that deserves the support I have hoped to bring in the dining room all of these years. The Flounder dish right now has the most amazing tiny delicious delicate Cauliflower, Florentino Cauliflower. I feel a little like quite the fancy tasting menu restaurant featuring something so precious, but it is really a taste treat. What am I pouring for this particular preparation? Well, vintage Muscadet. Crozes-Hermitage Blanc, Carato 2015 from our friend and goddess Elisabetta Fagiouli, from Sono Montenidoli? Go for it.

Red Snapper became the star of all tartares this winter/early spring. Dense, fresh, intoxicating. Our guests are over the moon. I pour the Mixtura Blanca from Spain/Portugal for this. Or Zibibbo. From Sicily. Red Rice from Camargue, France is with our Chicken, nutty, delicious, thank you Kalustyans for having it available. Our old friend Bruno in Chapel Hill loved it when we served this rice at bonne Soiree. Rabbit from Whiskey Hill Farms has the outfit of a la Bourguignon..all red wine velvet, lardons, pearl onions, mushrooms…yummy! And I almost always love love an Italian with this dish, northern regions, or the Prieto Picudo from Spain…or Cru Beaujolais.

Chip’s birthday is in March and we always feature his version of a layer cake his Grandma Nan made him as a young one!  Pineapple creme mousseline in between layers of vanilla rhum soaked genoise and topped with sexy merengue…a little lifted up from Nan, but he says hers was more delicious.  That is love for you! And who knew that Apple/Ginger Sorbet would be so desired by so many???

Our old friend John, from J. Betski’s has taken some room in our hearts and thoughts this past month. He has a wonderful place in Raleigh, NC, J.Betski’s…having some stress in his life. Google and donate to his GoFundMe account. It will be a good thing

New York is trying to return to its wonderful, chaotic self. We are enjoying seeing it evolve. Until April, we say what we have said for 2 years. Take good care of yourselves and those around you. It is the number one priority.

Chip, Tina, and the glorious team that is the Simone

Pineapple creme mousseline