May 14, 2020

I am losing track of the actual week it is now that we have been doing the Simone a GoGo, which is still so surreal I cannot wrap my brain around it completely! But I can say that what gives us joy is that it brings happiness to our guests and at the end of the day that is all we are about. I am very proud of my staff who are coming in and cooking with Chip and then my team who are doing the deliveries…by bike, by foot and even by car. Seeing them all week and sharing this time with them as well as seeing the guests that come to pick up is a bright spot for us.

This week Chip featured Snapper one evening with artichokes, fennel, and a Provencal-inspired broth and then another evening as a Ceviche, with orange, avocado, jalapeno, and lime. Honoring both France and Spain in his offerings to our guests. I am able to get some wines in and just now plucking some new beauties from the offered portfolios, but so hard to narrow down choices when you have not had the joy of tasting with your representatives. It is like shopping for groceries when you are hungry…everything looks delicious!

I am excited about getting in Gour de Chaule Gigondas since the Rhone wines always compliment. And 2 new Roses for the weekend’s menu. For staff meal, we had the most wonderful duck carnitas with housemade tortillas and a sauce of pureed avocado and what we all wanted was a margarita! I hope all are enjoying great seasonal foods and toasting each other with a glass of something! We here raise our glasses to you. One of my guests, Lisa Millman, is out in New Jersey hunkered down with her amazing parents and they are cooking and enjoying wines that are enviable. They have at their disposal fields and fields of ramps! She is bringing some in to Chip tomorrow and he will pickle them for future garnishes.

I just found out that one of Chip’s old Sous Chefs not only got married but is expecting a first little one in 6 months. Good news in a sea of negative energy. Congrats to you John Price, living the dream in North Carolina with your new lady love.

Until next week, my friends.

Be well, find a happy spot in your day, be kind to each other…tell me what you are drinking!

–Tina, Chip and the staff at the Simone