homegrown tomato
San Marzano pepper

May, June, and now half of July!! 2021

I realize now why I never did a contribution to a website when we were open and in full swing!  Cannot find enough minutes in my day again.
Though it is Summer in our fabulous City we are staying nice and full with our lovely guests excited to be indoors enjoying what our little house has to offer.  The Simone a GoGo has been put on the shelf and I will admit that I do miss speaking to all of you that were so tremendously supportive during this past year plus some months, though I do not miss the worry.
Chip is back to doing a monthly menu instead of changing it up 3 days a week and that is taking a lot of pressure off of him and his kitchen team.  My good friend and colleague Suzannah was a rock star and went to the farmer’s market in Carboro NC to get some field peas and butter beans for Chip, and I can tell you that he is thrilled to have them.  This is just another reminder that our luxuries may be small, but they are super delicious!  And who needs financial gains when it seems as if our friendship and good relationship gains far outweigh that of money in the bank.
What is Chip cookin’? Vinegar basted Cascun Farm Chicken with those field peas, snaps, corn from out East.  Blackfish (Tautog), seared, tomato, garlic, spring onion, romano beans from upstate, Duck with Tuscan kale and a peach onion marmalade, Softshells had a fleeting appearance and we are now waiting on Carolina Shrimp to head our way. An ethereal fava “falafel” accompanies marinated and grilled Lamb.
He has been featuring seared Foie Gras with fresh figs and despite the heat it is flying from the kitchen to the tables.  And he grilled a pork shoulder on our rooftop grill and then rolled it into his Pate de Grand Mere terrine, the boy leaves Carolina but Carolina(especially Barbeque) never leaves the boy.  The rains and super hot days have been amazing for the garden on the roof of the kitchen…I do not think I have ever had it look so fantastic and healthy.  Jose and Brian have been so helpful to me in maintaining this little romantic notion in the big city. Savarin au Rhum with local cherries and sabayon, blueberries from Jersey made into Sorbet, and Caramel layer cake with salted peanuts, drink this one with cream sherry…no joke!
Our friends Rob and Dan paid us a visit this past weekend and we had not had the pleasure of their company since January of 2020.  Spending time with them made us feel the losses of last year a little less. Surprise, surprise they brought Chip some Carolina Barbeque!
The Montenidoli Rosato from Elisabetta, 2018 is drinking like a dream, but this is never a surprise.  On a small break from the restaurant Chip and I did a “staycation,” which included me having the joy of a wine tasting at the offices of de Maison East with my cherished friend Ryan Looper.  I have not been able to stop thinking about the Clos Guirouilh Jurancon, simply and perfectly intoxicating.  And his Canadel Blanc with the aforementioned Chicken…perfect.
The world around us is still in such turmoil.  We are so fortunate, but still the Big Bad Wolf wearing the clothing of the Landlord looms large and ready to gobble all of us up.  Keep your fingers crossed that the powers that be can figure out what will be a middle ground to be fair to all.  And if not, well, we will let you know if we get the boot!  And then come when you can to raise a fork and a glass with us as often as you are able…while the next adventure unfolds.
Continue to show care to those around you, keep taking good care of yourselves as well.  And as always, whether it is simple or grand, eat well and drink yummy.
–Tina and Chip
P.S. Our sweet little bird on the stairs fell out of the nest, but then hung out on the top of the awning and Chip fed him bread crumbs and mama and papa fussed about him for a few days while learning to get those wings out and up…I do not know why, but Chip named him Mike!
"Mike" the baby bird