April 20, 2020

Week 5 in NYC of limited life as we all know and love. But somehow, we are all still communicating, sharing stories, some even made up fantasy stories of how you spent your Sunday…one of my lovely guests, Marcia Kapp, exclaimed to me that it was “fabulous”, took in a movie, walked around the park, did some shopping…funny and uplifting.

This past week saw beautiful flounder and snapper from the Chef and all of our guests are always so pleased with his Chicken, or should I say Don Cascun’s chicken from Greene NY.
A wonderful roasted ruby and golden beet salad with dill, horseradish, creme fraiche, onion, and fresh radish. Soup was an all-time favorite, tomato. Chip calls it doghouse tomato soup because if I am upset, which I never am, of course, he makes that soup for me with a grilled cheese.

Desserts are flying out the door since some of our local pastry shops have thrown in the towel. And you all know without my saying which one is tops…Coconut Cake rules.

The standout entree this week was local Pork medallions, poached, served with spaetzle, mustard, swiss chard with raisins and pinenuts. And the terrine is Venison and foie gras. Really, life could be worse.

What is everyone drinking? We have enjoyed too much vino, I will admit. But enjoy we are. I hope all of you are getting mixed cases from your local retail shops and having fun cooking at home and seeing how it all comes together on the palate. Jose also allowed me a bit of Gin Martini to share with my guest on a pickup, Dr. Soter. Delicious.

My friend John from Chambers Street Wine brought me a 2011 Savennieres that I think is asking me to beg Chip for Goat Cheese Souffle and maybe Quennelles of Fish in lobster stock…and of course, cheese. Thank you John!

I enjoy talking to all of you every week to tell you the featured menus, to hear of your days, and simply to hear your voices. We here at the Simone are full up with love and gratitude at the outpouring of paying ahead for future evenings with us aka the Brown Derby accounts. Without you, we would be not so secure. And that goes for all evenings, all years…without you we are nothing except an empty theatre waiting on a guest to sit and enjoy.

Have a wonderful week,

–Tina and Chip