May, 2022

May, 2022

Rhubarb Tart

Two weeks have passed since we last served our guests in what was the most lovely and personal dining room of New York City! At least to us, it was.

I am reminded, as I have stated in the past, that it is the total energies and souls of everyone that makes a place a place to call home. Yes, Chip and his team made totally delicious and unforgettable food. Yes, my front team anticipated your every desire and had it for you before you could ask for it. Double yes, I ran around that room with wines to enhance your every bite and create memories for days, weeks, months to come. But make no mistake. It was you, my dear guests and friends, that gave us all the purpose to offer our love and devotion of craft to a room. The room became the spot, a salon, a jewel because of your presence, you allowing us to do what fills us all up.

So here Chip and I, and some of my team, are…a little rudderless. But with calm following storms it usually shows you a sliver of possibility if you can clear away the cobweb of disappointment. We know this. We have to put the oar back in the water soon, even if it is just because poor Chip cannot take much more of my overexplaining why this wine goes with each at home dish he makes!! I know you all get exactly how he feels.

So, onward our Summer will go. We will be sleeping more than usual, enjoying other lovely dining spots in town more than usual, spending time in our lovely and vibrant City.

So far Chip has made me Shrimp Creole with Carolina Shrimp which was so so yummy with a Pigato from Liguria (speckled Vermentino!).
Beef Shortribs with egg noodles, Beaujolais and more Beaujolais.

I got the pleasure of some of his Veal terrine when we first closed our doors, with Christopher’s bread and butter pickles and a 2019 bottle of Tibouren Rose from our favorite producer Clos Cibonne.

Chicken Salad on 7-grain bread surprisingly elevated with Chenin Blanc, from Chinon.

Looking forward to what our markets will offer and the discovery of new wines that I have yet to taste.

Enjoy the beginnings of Summer in the City. Don’t forget Lincoln Center Outdoors, more gifts than you can imagine. We will keep you posted if our new “home” has a glimmer, so far, nothing to report.

Love to you all, we miss you.

–Tina and Chip

Duck Couple
April, 2022

April, 2022

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Closing Letter

Closing Letter

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March, 2022

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