Closing note from the owner of the Simone.

This is a big thank you to those who in any way supported us these past 9 years.

The launch of the Simone back in 2013 was an exciting and joyful event. Serving all our new customers, close and distant, was as
fulfilling as it gets. This culminated in receiving rave reviews.

Our approach of offering the finest local quality food to be found and excellent service brought along challenging times from 2016 and forward. The approach to only have revenue from dinner period and not on Sundays started to take its toll where we never had the ability to stay ahead of the game and create any sort of good operating stability as a business.

When Covid arrived, this was the turning point; it placed the Simone in a severe financial situation. I did my utmost investing my own personal savings where I could on numerous occasions but the challenge was too deep. I could not support the business any further and as the financial impact was solely on me and no one else, I had to take the difficult decision to close the doors at the end of May of this year.

And so, Its been a pleasure having you at the Simone and thank you for any support you may have given throughout the years.