March, 2021

NYC Doorman

Well, I missed February. Even with sweethearts day to celebrate. But we did offer our a Go-Go to our amazing and supportive guests and we discovered that yes, you can deliver butter-poached lobster with love letters…Chip’s herb imprinted fresh pasta. Chestnut veloute, delish. And Puits d’Amour for your sweet tooth.

Now here we are, in March, and I am writing this exactly one year to the day when it was our last indoor dining service. I remember I just could not imagine that it could be more than a couple of months at the most…ha! Mother Nature dealt us a hand we are still playing.

And with the year behind us I am constantly grateful for our “community” of guests. The support has been far and wide and constant. Without them we would be the Simone a gone-gone, not a go-go! And the staff. Putting everything they had into first all delivery…then some indoors…then back to delivery…and now back to some indoors. Whew! It takes a working village with a positive attitude and a sunny disposition to keep that straight. But they did. And with grace, dignity, and loyalty. We are in their debt. And seriously, when you see them set out of here to run a delivery prior to taking care of the patio table, they are so smartly attired…they are the concierge team of food delivered to your door.

And where do we see ourselves heading to now? As we head to glorious Spring. We are still anticipating all of the usual yummies. White Asparagus. Fraise de Bois. Then local early peas, asparagus, spring onions, tiny little potatoes, French breakfast radish (butter and salt, please!), fresh lettuces, morels, favas, fresh chickpeas…the list goes on and on. And the season is fleeting. But then comes the patience to wait on tomatoes and corn. Oh, we have patience.

I am beginning to taste new wines with my lovely and attentive vendors. No Rose yet, but a girl can dream. But Elisabetta Fagiouli has 2 Roses on release and they are both so different and both so appealing they can maybe hold me over. The 2018 is savory and the 2019 is a fruity delight.

See you in April. Here or in person. We continue to send the thoughts of good and safe health to all of you. Remember to always look around you to care for your small or large circle. It is our circle that kept us here.

P.S. I forgot how good a Manhattan is, straight up, Rye Whiskey, cold day.

–Tina, Chip, and the ever appreciated team at the Simone

Perfect Manhattan
Simone a Go-Go

Simone a Go-Go

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