November 28, 2020

Goodness, Thanksgiving has come and gone and I am just now sending out our note to keep you updated with delicious information.

Our wonderful Simone Gobble a Go-Go was an amazing treasure box of goodness. Those that received we sure hope that you enjoyed. Chip and his team really outdid themselves and even I had to throw my very untalented hands into helping…peeling pears, arranging the flower apple slices on the tarts…whew, tough! Here is what the man in the kitchen provided to all:

Cascun Farm Turkey, Heritage Bronze, Chestnut Stuffing with his Armagnac Prunes, Gravy, Cranberry/Orange Relish, Sweet Potato Souffles, Waldorf Salad, Caramelized Brussel Sprouts, Butternut Nut Squash Soup, Corn Souffle (with local corn put up from the summer harvest), Cheese and Scallion Biscuits, Housemade Olive Oil Crackers, Our bread, Chicken Liver Terrine, Pickled Seckle Pears, a Selection of Cheeses, Pain d’Epice with candied fruits and nuts/honey sweetened mascarpone, French Apple Tart!

Right??? We finally got our own opportunity to sit and enjoy on Thursday evening around 8:45, all of the goodies safely delivered between Wednesday PM and Thursday early evening, fully prepared, reheating instructions included. My amazing team were like a team of perfectly coordinated Rockettes…doing the packaging/boxing/walking/driving the boxes out to our truly special guests…Alfonso even dropped a box in Brooklyn to our friend Ryan Looper as his last drop before heading home. We are lucky indeed to have the staff we have, Jose, Addily, Brian, Kebba, Alfonso…Danny, Christopher, Junior. And even luckier to have the love and support of our guests.

Chip and I drank Domaine Clos de la Bonnette Legende Bonnetta Condrieu, 2018 (thank you John!) and then Domaine Marcel Deiss Schoffweg “le chemin de brebis”, 2007, (thank you Sophie!). In true French style, we had earlier finished our last Gobble a Go-Go to our cherished friend, Wynton, curbside safely of course, and with red solo cups, enjoyed a toast of Armagnac streetside, under the Moon and Mars. Times like these make you forget the worst of 2020 and only thank ourselves for the Best and Goodness we surround ourselves with.

We hope you all had a fantastic holiday. However you were able to spend it. And now the spirit of the December Holidays are upon us…I am wondering what the Jedi in the kitchen will come up with. Visions of sugarplums always dance in my head, along with the wines that may compliment.

Until next time, remember to take good care…of yourself and others. Wear your mask, love those around you.

–Tina and Chip

p.s. And don’t you know, our containers for the reheating items arrived on Friday…2 days after delivery.  I think Chip may have “disconnected” the phone at least 6 times on Wednesday AM when we realized that the items to pack would not arrive.  It is so romantic, owning a small restaurant, during one of the most, shall we say,  “interesting” years of our lives.


Brussel Sprouts