October 12, 2020

Wow, October…really?  Where does our time fly off to?  Especially since all of us are not flying anywhere these days.  Fall finds me wanting to drive long distances in the car with the windows down.  There is something about the air this time of year.  Change.  We sure hope that is true.
During these past months, it has been a challenge for all.  Staying positive while taking care of each other during very stressful times.  My team here at the Simone has done just that, and we are thankful for the wonderful guests who basically have kept the Simone breathing.  We are in the business of taking care of them, but these months they have more than done the same for us.
Winter dining on our little patio is going to be a trip!  We have heaters, lap blankets, side panels on the stairwells.  It is like a tiny oasis in a sea of city chaos.  We can all imagine we are in the French Alps, dining alfresco on the mountainside of a beautiful chalet, drinking delicious wine, and eating cassoulet. Aah, there is a thought.
Chip is turning his thoughts to richer and more complex dishes as we dive into cooler weather.  I am finally getting the opportunity to taste new wines with my patient wine professionals.  We are balancing the a gogo program with only 2 nights of indoor dining, with the capacity of only 12 guests as per mandate.  And the holidays are just around the corner. We continue to hope for the best and wish good health and happiness to all of you.  Share with us what you are up to.  Give a call to say hello.  If you are able, find a cozy spot in front of a roaring fire, enjoy some wine and a good book.  Let your spirits and your mind find harmony.  Perhaps these times were to allow us all to slow down.  No question about that.
Next note I will share some new menu items and the wines I had the pleasure of tasting.  We send you all love.
–Tina and Chip
Chicken Sandwich