October, 2021

Though a few days past, let’s pretend we are still in October! I will start this chat with you by sharing the memory of October 2019. We had the true and absolute joy of having our friend Susan and the love of her life Phil offer to come and sit on our little patio and hand out candy so that our guests would not be disrupted by the opening of the front door. Just this offer was so incredible and we were so thankful. Little did we know that it would turn out to be one of the single most cherished moments of our careers.

Susan and Phil came fully costumed as Gypsy Fortune Tellers, with silky table cloth, capes, and a black sequined “crystal ball”, stenciled with moon and stars with a light under it to throw out a glow.

Children of all ages were a little skeptical at first, but the pure delivery of Phil’s individual and clear “fortunes” to each child, and sometimes an adult…were like magic pure and simple. Chip and I became so enchanted we had a hard time actually working. Would that it were this simple. A wonderful and intelligent person, with all of the visions of the universe, gave you a dream that could come true. To this day, and for all of our days, we will hold this night as a treasured gift. Worthy of the heavens above. Thankful. An honest and pure delight.

Now to this year, another reason to be thankful. The streets of New York City were filled all Sunday afternoon and into the evening with Halloween ghosts, goblins, princesses, and parents. The weather was a blessing and the happy sounds carried the day. A chance to breathe, to hope for a bright future, to consider that the challenging times were coming to an end. Thankful again.

We hope this season brings all of you some relief and the moments to make memories for the years to come. It seems as if many of you are fully back in the throes of your lives. The past 18 months gave us all a lot to consider, a reminder to look to the right and to our left, care for those around you and those that may need you. A reminder to take care. Continue this new habit as the holiday season embraces all of us.

Come out and see us. Though delivery was a necessity to stay present and alive, we need the pleasure of your in person company to make it through this awkward rebuilding year. Delivery and pickup was never a model that the Simone was meant to be. It is the lovely ambience, the gracious service, the absolute delicious and made daily cuisine placed in front of you, that was the portrait of our lives. Help us realize this once again. Time is short.

Chip has been featuring Rabbit from upstate New York again. Stuffed Vermont Quail, savoy cabbage and apples. Incredible local ginger made into the sexiest layer cake and finished with poached quince. Sweetbreads and his terrines continue to rule and we are eagerly anticipating Venison, from our friends at Millbrook Farms. New Champagne from Christopher Gosset, yes, that Gosset Family Estate, but on his own and introducing us to a new style of Gosset lovely.
White wine from Lazio, Fregollae, using grapes I have never heard of, love that! and pair so well with an evening of good food and good company, thank you Ben. Also, if you can put your hands on it, try Zierfandler. A truly unique grape from Austria. Ladeiras do Xil, Gabo do Xil Mencia, 2017, just opened and poured tonight, a wonderful addition for Winter.
Billi bi soup of mussels, with Fino Sherry, you cannot believe it, a palate treat on all counts.

So, do go out and support all your favorite spots, raise a glass, eat food on a plate and not out of a to go container, invite your friends, get dressed up, not a tux mind you, but come on…Mad Men was a sexy show, clothes front and center. Find your spirit, give out joy, come back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean.

Our heartfelt gratitude for the years of support…the lease is winding down…

Tina, Chip, and the tremendous staff of the Simone