Sep 6, 2021

Time is flying by and now that we are fully open, though still “summer” business, I am not staying au courant with my love notes to you. We are happily coming to the time of the year that all of my lovely guests who have been “out East” and “in the country” will return from days of lobster rolls and rose, strolls through rolling pastures and grilling out to the bustling energy of home here in the City.

August was hot hot here in the city and now it is a blessing to have our temperatures around 75 degrees with beautiful blue skies. Of course, this is after Miss Ida decided to give us a true soaking.

Tomatoes are at their very sweetest and it is now so close to being over, fresh tomatoes, Duke’s mayonnaise, salt n’peppa on Chip’s bread is my favorite snack during these weeks. Saint Amant Blanc from Beaumes de Venise compliments nicely. Late harvest corn is showcased as a delicious Veloute. I always think of Stephen Outten who worked with us at our first romantic adventure Carolina Blue, he used to say I would drive hours to pick that soup up! Rully Blanc or Fino Sherry…hard to choose.

Susannah keeps us in our field peas, shipping them up from North Carolina. Rob and Dan visited briefly and brought not one, but two kinds of barbeque for Chip.
And old and dear guests Barbara and Andy Rothschild had their too grownup son (I last saw him as just a boy!) drop off a bounty of produce from the newly acquired farm in Upstate New York as a treat, picture as you see. Such good friends, spoiling us with all things they know we obsess about.

I am looking forward to new wines to try in the coming weeks as last year went by without the usual fanfare of items presented. I will keep you posted on any new glasses of yummy I discover.

Chip made the fluffiest, lightest, scrumptious Souverain with peaches and the sour cherries from Upstate have been so good.

We are in a lease ending countdown (20 months!!)…come visit with us and raise a glass to what is the Simone.

Continue to reach out and take good care of your community and our delicate beautiful world. Together we can all be cared for.

Tina, Chip, staff at the Simone

Chicken Sandwich
Tar Tatin