We are off to France for the first vacation in 15 years!…and all to see our friend Wynton Marsalis play that trumpet at the Marciac Jazz Festival. Of course, we will also find a place or two to eat and a few bottles of wine. We look forward to sharing our adventure with you when we come home to the Simone.


Chip & Tina


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Tuesday, October 1st

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Champagne Reception on October 1st with Neal Rosenthal from 6:30 until 9:00 PM with tidbits of Chip’s delicious food, sweets and Neal’s Champagne and Sparkling Selections.  We are only accepting limited reservations for this event, please call Tina to book.

Come join us,
Tina and Chip

January 2020

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The Simone, UES, NYC

Our love affair with France (and Neal Rosenthal) continues…

Chip and I first had the joys of France in 1997, two people who never had traveled outside the country, longing to discover the sublime deliciousness that is France to us. We worked at that time on the Outer Banks of North Carolina and of course, winter is a sleepy time there. So, we saved our pennies (not joking, saved our change and I took work doing faux finishing and murals) and planned our first adventure.
Love at first bite and sip is not an exaggeration. We now always long to visit France in the cold and sleepy months of winter. There is a beauty to the countryside that allows reflection and peace of soul and mind. We have not been able to go for years with the long and steady business that is the Simone in New York, but now we have a gift and off we go, inviting you to join us.
Neal Rosenthal of Rosenthal Wine Merchants is now beginning a new chapter to add to his wealth of travel and experiences. Chip and I have been invited to join him, at his lovely Inn in the Jura Region of France, and spend time not often afforded to us with a few guests who decide to escape with us. Of course, I have warned my friend Mr. Rosenthal that he may find I will not leave!
Please go to his website to learn more about our upcoming trip and all of the others he is offering…he reminds us all to continue to grow, eat, drink good wine, rest, explore and spend time with cherished friends.

Rosenthal Wine Merchant, Mad Rose Group

Come join us,
Tina and Chip

Very limited availability