April 4, 2020

Here we are in the middle of the 3rd week of the Simone a Go-Go! So far so good and all of you seem to really be enjoying and we thank you for that. For the ones who are picking up and sitting tables apart to enjoy a Jose cocktail or glass of wine while waiting we are also enjoying seeing you and the visit.

Chip has cooked some things that were memories of our trips to France, not as refined as sitting in the restaurant, but Sunday supper delicious! Chicken Dijonnaise, Pate de Campagne, Flounder Meunier, Roast Duck with Sweet Potato Puree (that is a not to the South!) Lobster Bisque, his Coconut Cake and Bread Pudding. Still wish I could just set the table for you, pour you a delicious glass of wine and then do the dishes!

Rob and Dan who joined us in France this past January purchased a lemon cake package from the local mill in Arbois and last week with the help of Google Translate, made that lovely cake. I encouraged them to run out for Moscato d’Asti to compliment and that they did! Their enjoying that cake allowed me the thrill of our memories with them in France, not to mention the countless times over the years I have had the pleasure of their company.

And that is what I am telling you, my lovely guests…be in touch with each other and let yourselves hear each other voices. Talk about anything but the virus. We here at the Simone want to say please, call me if you need a conversation about wine, food, art, theatre…just not politics!!! Let us save that for another moment.

Our hearts are also with the Marsalis Family, our friend in Durham and our friend here in NYC…we are full of care and thought for your loss on April 1st. Everyone listen to anything by Ellis Marsalis as the days go by and with that he is a living spirit of joy. For us all.

–Tina and Chip