March 24, 2020

Here we are at the end of the first week of Simone “to Go-Go” and we have been happy that some of our lovely guests have enjoyed the pared down version of the Simone and what we strive to provide. The generosity of paying it forward for future evenings with us is also just a lifeboat.

Would that I could also just set your table and do your dishes I would feel so much better! Thank you for thinking of us. Your calls have been the light of our days. Chip and I are grateful, blessed, living our dream.

I hope you are all getting some fresh air, reading either great or not so great books, learning French, knitting a scarf, doing crosswords, channeling your inner selves!! Not to mention eating good food a maison and drinking some great wine. If you need any suggestions give us a buzz. Happy to help.

Love to you,