April 8, 2020

Hello to everyone from all of us at the Simone. New York City is busting wide open with Spring, a bright spot in all of our days. Flowering Trees, tulips coming up in reds and yellows, birds are furiously building nests in now quiet corners.

This week’s menu so far had a delicious organic greens, radish, endive, orange and pistachio vinaigrette salad. Roasted Piquillo Veloute was one of the soups. A new pasta is on this week’s horizon as well as a new terrine. Chip is upstairs in the kitchen as I write to you, baking, prepping, his life as normal. We are so lucky to live in the same building and to be able to continue to care for our guests, though a modified version.

My friend Jason dropped off some lovely wines for us to enjoy in our down time, thank goodness, since we certainly have no problem tucking into my inventory. He is one to always look for ways to care for his friends and clients…we are grateful for that.

I am so looking forward to the new Roses to come around, I know you are all not surprised by that! And at the markets we are seeing the first tender radishes, spring onions, fiddleheads, salad greens. Mother Nature still giving us all a little boost.

A lot of our guests are baking at home. I have to say that some of the things they are making look so amazing I wish they did take out and delivery to me. We are all here to help each other stay focused on the other side of the river. It is witnessing the simple pleasures and joys of these activities that allow a little sunshine in our days. We are so pleased that you share this with us.

This week of Passover into Easter has Chip thinking of his beautiful Matzoh Ball soup in Consomme, Roast Leg of Lamb and Chocolate….what comes of his culinary thoughts will be as always, last minute and delicious.

Enjoyed a wonderful bottle of Herri Mina Blanc from Gascony on Sunday. If you can put your hands on it, but it! So uplifting in my glass.